Human Rights Essay

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Human Rights Essay


If citizens were to live in a world where human rights did not exist, the world would be a much more different place than it is today. People would not be able to do a lot of the things they do today because they would be restricted with rules to follow and consequence for disobeying rules. Human rights have developed over many years and have been beneficial towards all of us. Without human rights our world would be a significantly more chaotic than it is today. Human rights allow citizens of a nation to be who they are without fear of being treated badly.

What are human rights?

Principally, human rights entail everyone with the right to have a minimally decent life. Some of the values which the contemporary human rights movement stands for include, universality, equality (non-discrimination), physical security of the person/self & non-violent respect for others, individual liberty, private property rights & material subsistence for all, social recognition of others, and lastly democracy (political participation for all). The first value, universality, means that human rights are all about the rights of everyone in the world and not just a specific ethnic group or nation. Whether a person is Sri Lankan, Chinese, Japanese, Guyanese, Canadian, Jamaican or Hawaiian – all different ethnicities are given human rights. The second value of human rights, as stated earlier, is equality. This value’s main focus is to end discrimination and treat everyone equally no matter who a person may be. The goal is for people to be open-minded about other types of people no matter what gender, race, ethnicity, and religion they are. Instead, human rights encourage the world to embrace our differences instead of discriminating against our differences. All types of people should have the same rights and therefore should all be considered equal. The third value of human rights is physical security. The right of physical security means that everyone should not be violent towards each other. Everyone should respect all human begins and therefore not act in a violent manner towards other human beings. The fourth human rights value is individual liberty. Individual liberty means that every human should have the freedom to be who they want to be and should not be judged for who they are. For example, if a girl likes another girl she should not be treated badly just because of her sexual orientation. Under human rights, she is entitled the freedom to choose who she wants to be and how she wants to live her life. This human rights value states that a human should not be assaulted just because he or she chooses to do something or act a certain way because they have the freedom to do so. The next human rights value is private property rights and material subsistence for all. Private property rights means that everyone is entitled to own their own property. That property that the person owns is there property and therefore cannot be stolen and if it is stolen then that is a violation of human rights. The second part of this value means that all humans should be permitted to a sufficient amount of food to eat and a sufficient amount of water to drink. Also, humans should have the right to pursue a career in which they have chosen and are satisfied with. If a person is forced into a about force that he or she does not approve of then this is a violation of the human rights movement. The second last human rights value is social recognition of others. Social recognition of others means that everyone should be treated as people and no one person should be favored over another. Everyone should have equal rights, everyone in a country should be treated as individual of that country, and every citizen therefore should be treated equally. The last human rights value is democracy. This means that every citizen within a nation should have the right to participate in politics and they live by democracy. Therefore if...
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