Human Rights Day Reflection Assignment

Topics: Human rights, Religion, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Human Rights day reflection assignmentBy: Daniel Henareh

The ideals of human rights has only changed a few things in our recent history and because of this were still not in a better place as we go into the 21st century. This is due to the fact that things such as politics are being mixed with religion that has hindered progress in some countries such as Iran. Or the mistreatment of Jews and the severe amount of anti-Semitism during the Second World War.

Focusing first on the speaker from Passages Canada, Marina Nemat, she was a Christian-Iranian that lived in Iran until a few years after the revolution. We see from the changes in Iran during the revolution to the present day that great strides being made in human rights have yet to be met in Iran. Formally known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran has since 1979 controversially mixed religion with politics and with just about everything. Iran doesn’t not provide many of the human rights that some nations like Canada are fortunate to have. Such as the freedom of religion, where minority religious groups in Iran such as people of the Bahá’í faith or Zoroastrians face unfair treatment. Marina Nemat talked about how when she was young and the revolution hadn’t happened, people her age were able to do whatever they want because they were free such as when she discussed about how she would go to her church just to find a date and how it all changed after 1979. Basic human rights such as the freedom to “say what you want” didn’t exist after the revolution as Marina learned the hard way. She explained how she had protested against the government along side her friends at school and on the student newspaper and was later spied on which led to her being sent to Iran’s worst prison by the name of Evin. More cases of a lack of human rights in the prison were found through her experience in Evin as she had been constantly tortured, raped, forced to marriage, and have her say taken away. In many of the sessions,...
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