Human Rights and Perspectives Notes Set

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Conflicting Perspectives Notes
Set Text : The Justice Game
Related Text(s) : Mississippi Burning
Saw Fims
We need to talk about kevin
Q & A Episode 11
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee ·How are the conflicting perspectives represented ?
·Why do the perspectives conflict?
Q & A, Episode 11 - What techniques and devices are used?
Verbal Communication
·Language Choice ( Jargon, sophisticated language, standard english, from formal to colloquial) ·Language of each speaker conveys their context and background, assert authority or opinion, or appeals to the audience Non Verbal Communication

·Facial Expressions
·Eye Contact
·Body Language : Conveys emotional and psycological response ·Posture
·Proxeimcs and directional body positioning
·Tone of voice: Sense of authority
·Volume, Pace and Pitch
Structural Techniques and Devices
·The moderator: sequences order to question and response time manages, asks clarifying questions, summarises arguments and paraphrases responses. The Justice Game - Set Text that one flows

Purpose of the text
·To argue for the importance of the adversarial advocacy system of conducting trials ·To argue for the need for a bill of human rights in British and Australian law as basic principles upon which the justice system can be built. ·To demonstrate the extent of abuses of human rights and injustice in the world in the second half of the 20th century. ·To demonstrate the extent of his own involvement in advocacy and the defence of human rights. Chapter: The trials of oz

Conflicting Perspectives...
·" The Philosophy of oz was a contradiction in terms" (Pg : 13) - SARCASTIC Suggesting the magazine had no philosphy at all and did not seriously threaten anything ·" I knew all about the law- but nothing about justice and i was looking forward to seeing it done" (Pg: 21)...
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