Human Rights and Mining Company

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Reaction Paper
In the videos we saw, human rights were obscured by people endowed with power. In the video about mining, the officers of a mining company didn’t informed that they would mine a part of land, which is populated by a small barangay. Because of that, many people were deprived of shelter, food, water. The mining company deprived many basic rights of a human. The mining company trespassed the people’s right of property, the mining company demolished all houses of the residents. That was not only the only example of mining companies trenspassing and abusing small, powerless barangays. The company asked the mining permit of mining, which was accepted if, and only if, the mining company would perform a small scale mining and that they should warn the residents about the future possibility of mining in the barangay. But the mining mining company didn’t respect the two conditions: they performed a larg scale mining and failed to warn those residents about the intent of mining. “We all have freedom to extend our arm as long as it will not hit your neighbour’s nose”. This quote tells us what freedom and human rights are. We are free as long as we don’t break anyone’s peace, rules, and rights. We have rights because we are human. We are superioir to animals. All people who don’t respect others’ right should know that we are all equal under a constitution which is The Philippine’s constitutions. In all the videos we watched, humans lost their rights and dignity, they became tools. They became tools of people who are not contented with their right, of people whose greed keeps harming innocents and defenceless, of people that think they are superior than others or superior than the rule or than the Philippines Constitution. We are all equal under one state, one nation, one flag, one God.
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