Human Rights

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Value Education –Human Rights

Foundation Course –I

Undergraduate Programmes

Learning Material
based on


Bharathiar University

Value Education – Human Rights
(2 hours per week)
(FOR THE UNDER GRADUATE STUDENTS OF AFFILIATED COLLEGES WITH EFFECT FROM 2008-2009) UNIT – I :ConceptofHumanValues,ValueEducationTowardsPersonal Development

Aim of education and value education; Evolution of value oriented education; Concept of Human values; types of values; Components of value education.

Personal Development :
Self analysis and introspection; sensitization towards gender equality, physically challenged, intellectually challenged. Respect to - age, experience, maturity, family members, neighbours, co-workers.

Character Formation Towards Positive Personality:
Truthfulness, Constructivity, Sacrifice, Sincerity, Self Control, Altruism, Tolerance, Scientific Vision.

UNIT – II : Value Education Towards National and Global Development

National and International Values:
Constitutional or national values - Democracy, socialism, secularism, equality, justice, liberty, freedom and fraternity. Social Values - Pity and probity, self control, universal brotherhood. Professional Values - Knowledge thirst, sincerity in profession, regularity, punctuality and faith. Religious Values - Tolerance, wisdom, character. Aesthetic values - Love and appreciation of literature and fine arts and respect for the same. National Integration and international understanding.

UNIT – III : Impact of Global Development on Ethics and Values

Conflict of cross-cultural influences, mass media, cross-border education, materialistic values, professional challenges and compromise. Modern Challenges of Adolescent Emotions and behavior; Sex and spirituality: Comparision and competition; positive and negative thoughts. Adolescent Emotions, arrogance, anger, sexual instability, selfishness, defiance.

UNIT - IV : Therapeutic Measures

Control of the mind through
a. Simplified physical exercise
b. Meditation – Objectives, types, effect on body, mind and soul c. Yoga – Objectives, Types, Asanas d. Activities:
(i) Moralisation of Desires (ii) Neutralisation of Anger (iii)Eradication of Worries (iv)Benefits of Blessings

UNIT; V : Human Rights

1. Concept of Human Rights – Indian and International Perspectives a. Evolution of Human Rights
b. Definitions under Indian and International documents

2. Broad classification of Human Rights and Relevant Constitutional Provisions. a. Right to Life, Liberty and Dignity
b. Right to Equality
c. Right against Exploitation
d. Cultural and Educational Rights
e. Economic Rights
f. Political Rights
g. Social Rights

3. Human Rights of Women and Children
a. Social Practice and Constitutional Safeguards (i) Female Foeticide and Infanticide (ii)Physical assault and harassment (iii)Domestic violence (iv) Conditions of Working Women

4. Institutions for Implementation a. Human Rights Commission b. Judiciary

5. Violations and Redressel a. Violation by State
b. Violation by Individuals
c. Nuclear Weapons and terrorism
d. Safeguards
Concept of Human Values, Value Education Towards Personal Development

Man is a social animal in that whatever he needs and wants he gets from the labour and cooperation of the society. Similarly, whatever he produces materially and whatever the knowledge he acquires are spreading to all people of the world. To cope with the diverse modern environments everyone should have holistic education to sympathize and live in tolerance with the standards of his fellow beings. By the phrase “holistic education” I am not including the specific sciences, which can be learned according to the wish of the individual; what I mean is the overall education of the facts of human...
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