Human Rights

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  • Published: February 21, 2012
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Value Education –Human Rights

Foundation Course –I

Undergraduate Programmes

Learning Material
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Bharathiar University

Value Education – Human Rights
(2 hours per week)
(FOR THE UNDER GRADUATE STUDENTS OF AFFILIATED COLLEGES WITH EFFECT FROM 2008-2009) UNIT – I :ConceptofHumanValues,ValueEducationTowardsPersonal Development

Aim of education and value education; Evolution of value oriented education; Concept of Human values; types of values; Components of value education.

Personal Development :
Self analysis and introspection; sensitization towards gender equality, physically challenged, intellectually challenged. Respect to - age, experience, maturity, family members, neighbours, co-workers.

Character Formation Towards Positive Personality:
Truthfulness, Constructivity, Sacrifice, Sincerity, Self Control, Altruism, Tolerance, Scientific Vision.

UNIT – II : Value Education Towards National and Global Development

National and International Values:
Constitutional or national values - Democracy, socialism, secularism, equality, justice, liberty, freedom and fraternity. Social Values - Pity and probity, self control, universal brotherhood. Professional Values - Knowledge thirst, sincerity in profession, regularity, punctuality and faith. Religious Values - Tolerance, wisdom, character. Aesthetic values - Love and appreciation of literature and fine arts and respect for the same. National Integration and international understanding.

UNIT – III : Impact of Global Development on Ethics and Values

Conflict of cross-cultural influences, mass media, cross-border education, materialistic values, professional challenges and compromise. Modern Challenges of Adolescent Emotions and behavior; Sex and spirituality: Comparision and competition; positive and negative thoughts. Adolescent Emotions, arrogance, anger,...
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