Human Rights

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  • Published : May 26, 2011
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From 17 April 1975 to January 1979 , Cambodia was under the administration of Democratic Kompuchea . In that time ,no less than one million people were perished by genocide, starvasation , slavery , sickness and other arbitrary executions. To prevent such atrocities in the future , there are legal responses and non-legal responses to deal with the contemporary human rights issues which is genocide. First of all , legal responses refer to the UN human right treaties and Genocide Convention that were adopted in 1948 and approved the Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) by the United Nation. The Genocide Convention (1948) outlaws genocide , crime against humanity and crime under international law . All participating countries that ratified the convention will be prevented and punished the genocide in the war or a peace of time. The Declarations defines the civil and political rights ( including the right to life , the right of liberty, and a fair trial) as well as the economic social and cultural rights( including the right to social security and participating in cultural right in one’s community). In this case, Cambodia was a party that ratified the Genocide Convention on 14.10.1950. It was enforceable where the Senior Leader of Khmer Rouge between1975 -1979 under the definition of Convention. In contradiction , it was enforceable but it could not desist the massacre that happened in the 1975-1979. Next , Cambodia was ratified the UDHR and International Convention on Civil and Political Right (1976) that was constituted provision for freedom , it is for encouraging. This is non-effective because the genocide was happened already. The perpetrators are rarely convicted when they breach the law. The corruption is endemic in the Cambodia’s society and there is a widespread of Culture’s impunity. Correspondingly, Australia did response to the genocide by ratifying the International Criminal Code (1995). It is enforceable if any offences commits the genocide...
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