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Human Rights

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Human Rights: Whitehorse Woman Fights
Canada is perceived by other nations around the world as a peace-loving and good-natured nation that values the rights of individuals above all else. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms “is the part of the Canadian Constitution that ensures that Canadian laws and acts of the Canadian government or bodies created, supported, or connected with the Canadian government do not violate the rights and freedoms that Canadians believe are necessary in a free and democratic society” (Regehr & Kanani, 2010, p. 17). With ever advancing technology and a fast paced economy, people in society would assume that all their needs would be met. Whether blind, deaf, or even wheel chair bound, Canadians value their human rights and when those are not being met or are violated, individuals will make their voices heard.

Christine Cramp is a Yukon woman who has used a motorized wheelchair since 2001. She was in a motor vehicle accident that sadly broke her back and she has since been wheel chair bound. “Christine Cramp has lodged a complaint with the Yukon Human Rights Commission, claiming that poor Handy Bus service has meant she often cannot make it to appointments, or she has had to cancel them” (Woman, 2009). The Handy Bus service is deemed to be “unreliable” for people with disabilities and Cramp says that “We’re only allowed one time out during the day and one time back—that’s if they are going to give us a round trip” (Woman, 2009). Unlike the normal transit system that is running any time that there is a bus, the Handy Bus service is lacking in accommodating to the needs of disabled individuals. According to the Yukon city’s website the Handy Bus is running on a schedule along with on a casual needs basis.

Dave Muir who is the City Transit Manager told CBC News that “there is only one Handy Bus vehicle in service, plus a backup bus and because of limited funds, the city cannot put more Handy Buses on the street” (Woman,...

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