Human Right

Topics: Human rights, Ethics, Business ethics Pages: 5 (1215 words) Published: November 12, 2014 Human Right

Basic human right still are not respected in many nations. Rights that we take for granted in developed nations , such as freedom as association, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, freedom from politican repression. Globalization has significantly changed the world we live in, presenting new and complex challenges for the protection of human rights. Economic players, especially companies that operate across national boundaries (trans-national companies), have gained unprecedented power and influence across the world economy. This has not always benefited the societies in which they operate. Companies cause harm by directly abusing human rights, or by colluding with others who violate human rights. Despite this potential to cause significant harm, there are few effective mechanisms at national or international level to prevent corporate human rights abuses or to hold companies to account. This means those affected by their operations – often already marginalized and vulnerable - are left powerless, without the protection to which they are entitled, or meaningful access to justice. Global standards on business and human rights. Governments have the primary obligation to secure universal enjoyment of human rights and this includes an obligation to protect all individuals from the harmful actions of others, including companies. However, frequently governments fail to regulate the human rights impact of business or ensure access to justice for victims of human rights abuses involving business. Until now most companies’ engagement with human rights responsibilities has been through voluntary codes and initiatives. While some voluntary initiatives have a role to play, such voluntarism can never be a substitute for global standards on businesses' mandatory compliance with human rights. These global standards should address the human rights responsibilities and obligations of both states and companies. As a minimum requirement, all companies should respect all human rights, regardless of the sector, country or context in which they operate.

Environmental pollution
The state of the environment is currently a hot topic, especially the irreversible damage that manmade pollution is causing. Because many countries are establishing strong environmental regulations to try to limit further damage, companies are having to adopt costly, new measures to abide by the laws. first response might be that the moral and ethical thing to do is to stay home and adopt the costly compliance measures. But, might worry that competitors that don’t take the high road will have an advantage. This brings up a phenomenon called the tragedy of the commons. It occurs when a resource held in common by everyone, like the ocean or the atmosphere, is overused by individuals, and degraded.

Decision Making Process
Decision making in business usually requires companies to identify specific ethical standards, which often means different things to different people. As organizations continue to grow and expand, new individuals are hired who may not have the same ethical standards as individuals already working in the company. A difference in ethics often changes how individuals approach the decision-making process. Companies often use the organization’s mission statement to build a framework for helping individuals make ethical business decisions. Organization culture

The climate in some business does not encourage people to think through the ethical consequence of business decision. Thing brings us to the third cause of unethical behavior in businesses-an organizational culture that deemphasizes business ethics, reducing all decision to the purely economic....
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