Human Right 24

Topics: Human rights, Law Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Human Right 24 is Being Violated by Sweatshops

Human right number 24 is the right to play which says everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay, and sweatshops all across the world aren’t exactly abiding this human right. In an article called Sweatshop Label Plan Gets Mixed Reaction by Barbara Sullivan talks about this.

These sweatshops are filled with children who are forced to do tasks like sew t-shirts and cut cloth for hours and hours in horrible conditions. So they’re overworked, have no leisure time, work in horrible conditions, make a low salary, and for some reason big name companies are all okay with this. These children are so replaceable to the companies that if one gets injured they will just fire them and replace them with someone new.

Some people have suggested that tags be put on products stating if they’re not made in a sweatshop. But according to Barbara Sullivan in Sweatshop Label Plan Gets Mixed Reaction she states “She didn't look at any labels; price was her major consideration. But would she look at labels--and be willing to pay more--if companies started putting "no sweatshop" tags on qualifying apparel?” So this idea of just labeling an object might not be as easy of a solution as we think it is.

This right is so easily violated because most countries don’t have laws against it and it’s seen more as a moral value that should be considered. Also with kids willing to work for such extremely cheap amount why wouldn’t they be hired to do the work?

Hopefully, you can now see why sweatshops all across the world are extreme violators of the right to play and how they can so easily violate these human rights.
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