Human Resources: Training and Development

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Training and Development
Erin Hall
Grantham University

Training and development programs in companies have a number of advantages and benefits.

First, training programs that serve employees are beneficial because they have a proven value and added significance to companies. Employee orientation is one type of training. It is absolutely necessary for new employees in any organization. Without the orientation/training process many things can and do take place that are a risk and have negative impact to a company and to the new hire employee as well. In orientation type training, employees learn of benefit entitlements and the expectations that the company and departments set for their position. It gives the new hire employee a sense of pride in their work and in the organization as a whole. Informing an employee of the expectations in performance allows the employee to be successful in their position. There are various state and federal regulations that all companies must adhere to and remain in compliance with in order to remain lawsuit free. Sexual harassment is one negative behavior that is currently costing companies a lot of money in lost lawsuits. Training programs annually keep a constant reminder of the ways that this type of harassment can be avoided. Hiring discrimination is another form of training that can reduce lawsuits from a State and Federal level. Government contracted companies must maintain a documented Affirmative Action Program that ensures their hiring practices are equal and fair to all applicants. All managers within a company should receive this training in order to prevent and avoid the wrongdoing and negligence that could cause good companies to lose creditability and be sued.

Skill based training or Developmental training is another form of training that a company provides to their employees. Training increases employee...
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