Human Resources Recruiter Analysis

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Human Resource Recruiter
COMM 215
University of Phoenix
November 1, 2010

Human Resource Recruiter
Recruiters have the responsibility to find the right people for the right position. A recruiter’s ability to attract new talent that fits the needs of a company is a skill that most recruiters can possess. Like any other employee for a company, recruiters are trained to be proficient when organizing orientation manuals, schedules, pre-employment screens, and other necessary steps prior to the employment of a new hire. Recruiters are also responsible for the first impressions that an employee may have about a company. From the moment that potential new hires receive the first call to the start of the orientation date, the recruiter must possess the personal strengths and good character traits. An employee’s ability to stay focused, manage their time effectively and never allowing duties to be put off for a later time are positive attributes that leaders possess. Personal bad habits and traits, like procrastination, can interfere and limit a person’s ability to perform their duties.

There can be many challenges that a recruiter may face in the workplace. Some challenges could be an array of challenging situations but one issue should not be personal limitation, such as procrastination. A key worker, like the recruiter, must possess the traits to want to complete tasks on-time, if not early. Key employees can cause a company to lose thousands of dollars if they are not able to successfully preform their job. Upon reviewing the case study with Carl Rogers, there were some concerning actions or lack of that brings the question of whether his personal weakness of procrastination had negatively affected his ability to do his job.

ABC, Inc. is a company that recently employed a new recruiter named Carl Rogers. Carl Rogers is considered a key employee for ABC, Inc. The expectation that he should behave in a professional manner can affect the image of the company and ultimately prevent financial loss through better recruitment and retention. He had been with the company for only six months before successfully employing a few new hires. With this success he was able to bring on 15 new hires for an operations supervisor named Monica Carrolls. Carl had provided the new hires with an orientation start date of June 15th. He had chosen this date with the hopes that the new hires would be ready to start working by July. A month prior to the start date, Ms. Carrolls had requested specific information about the preliminary progress of the new hires. Without providing Ms. Carrolls with the information that she requested Carl only assured her that everything would be ready for orientation on June 15th. Two weeks before the start date Carl began to review his files and realized that many of the applicants were missing information on their applications, some files were missing copies of transcripts, and all of the new hires were missing the mandatory drug test. Carl’s situation was further complicated when he failed to properly reserve the room necessary to train the new hires. Exasperated and panicked, Carl had wondered how he would find a solution this this very serious problem. Key Problems

Any oversight or mistakes can profoundly affect the company in a negative way. New hires that received a letter of intent and a start date could assume that they were satisfactory for employment unless the letter had stated conditions. Carl had realized two week before the start date that he had not thoroughly reviewed all the applications which will confuse the applicants should Carl request the missing information. Carl’s lack of attention to details raises some questions about Carl’s character and professionalism. Why would Carl not perform this seemingly basic step of ensuring that all the information be present prior to letter of intent? Carl can be characterized as procrastinator...
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