Human Resources & Organisational Development Case Study: Golden Dragon Group

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  • Published : June 8, 2012
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Executive Summary
The report is based on the case study on the Golden Dragon Group. The Golden Dragon Group had a number of problems with the way things were run in the company. Since GDG is a traditional family owned business, it posed more issues to the company. Mr Wilson Lim, the next in line to take charge of the company wanted to make amendments to certain procedures and the ways things are done. The main aim of the report is to help GDG undergo the necessary changes in the best way possible in order to maintain effectiveness and efficiency. We started the report touching on the positive and negative effects of the open system with regards to GDG. We explored the effects of change that the company might face if it was initiated. We moved on to cover the Lewin’s model of change in which we further understand how to bring about the necessary changes needed in a traditional company to keep up with current trends. The model covered the unfreezing stage which are reasons for change, transformation stage which involves the implementation of strategies and lastly refreezing stage that helps GDG sustain and control the changes done. We came up with three important intervention strategies namely, technostructural intervention, goal setting and interpersonal intervention. As a group we feel that the strategies mentioned are appropriate for GDG current situation and would help the company progress effectively. The last part of the report covers the monitoring process. This involves the company managing and controlling the implemented strategies to see its effectiveness thus maintaining it. In conclusion, it is definitely important for GDG to keep up with current trends to remain competitive in the stiff industry. In order to do so, amendments to old procedures needs to be done. The report provides a systematic idea of how these changes can be done to ensure GDG continues to prosper.

From the case, we could derive the major problems that the Golden...
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