Human Resources Management Essay

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Employment Pages: 7 (2886 words) Published: April 11, 2013
HROB Self-Reflection Individual Essay
A manager is an individual who usually oversees a firm or companies actions on a daily basis. A manager has to have qualities of a leader to be selected for this position because in general the manager’s job has a huge weight on the company he is managing and can be a main cause for their major downfall or great success. There have been many influential and important leaders throughout history that have made the world a better place to live in, such as, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and Steve Jobs, these men have mad the world a better place by taking a stand and having very strong leadership skills. It does not matter what your managing or what kind of manager you are it is crucial to have good leadership skills because alone you are weaker than you would be with a group of employees or people that believe in what you are doing and have been convinced that you are doing a good of it and that is why being a leader is crucial to being a manager. If I were a manager I would make sure that I would have all the tools and skills necessary to become a strong leader and manager. Some crucial skills that are needed in managers are to be inspired in your job so that you are self-motivated to work hard and also to make you aspire to do your best at the job you’re doing, you also need to be confident, learn from mistakes, and realize that just because you are the manager does not mean that you cannot learn from your employees that your leading. With a good skill set and the knowledge of how to manage people in a workplace I believe that no goal set is unattainable because you are essentially ready in all situations. I think that if I was a manager I would be able to successfully attract, select, motivate, and retain a group of employees without a problem because as a manager I believe that I have all the right skills necessary for attracting employees to the company be being trustworthy, confident, reliable, and a good employer in general. I am also able to pick up on individuals strengths and weaknesses when it comes to selecting employees for jobs and their positions, as well as being able to motivate them when employees are productive and with all of my skills in leadership and being a good manager overall I would be able to easily retain my employees because they would enjoy their work. Those are the reasons that I think I can become a successful manager and easily attract, select, motivate, and retain the employees of my company. Attraction is essentially when an object or person is drawn towards another object or person. Although something is attractive it may not necessarily mean that that thing will end up being chosen as something that someone would want because there are levels of how attracting something can be and there will always be something more attractive than what you were previously looking at. For example if you are attracted to a deal that you see in a magazine for a computer that is priced at $500 you automatically want it and you disregard every other deal you see until you see something else when you get to the store, say a more powerful computer for the same price, now that is the only thing on your mind and you want that. The reason that there will always be something more attractive to a human being (living in a first world country) is simply for the reason that a regular person can ever be truly happy with one thing when there is something better sitting right in front of them. Now keeping that in mind I would hope to attract employees to my company by being a good genuine manager to them in terms of treating everyone fairly, being a trustworthy manager, I would be committed to the company, and I would also be a helpful and reliable leader too my employees. Along with these personal traits I would post detailed and interesting advertisements that would entice people to apply and also doing this would outline exactly what I would want in an employee making my...
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