Human Resources Management Critique

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Organization Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: March 2, 2013
The current event article that will be discussed in this critique will concentrate in the emerging roles of human resources professionals in driving organizational change. The human resources role undoubtedly has changed throughout the years for all business enterprises and organizations. Human resources management today does not deal with the basic logistics of hiring employees, managing benefits packages, implementing company policies, and deciding the needs of the organization. In this article, the role of the human resources professionals has expanded in playing an intricate role in the partnership with the business organization in facilitating the constant change in a global market. Today’s human resources professional, has to adapt to the constant change in technology, innovation, efficient processes, while strategically maintaining a competitive advantage of the goals, vision and direction of the business organization. The article basically suggests that the human resources management role has become the forefront of change of a business organization. The increasing roles in human resources have expanded into a partnership with the organization in implementing the change it desires. The human resources professional in organizations now have expanded roles as communicator, counselor, administrative expert, motivator, culture builder, mentor and champion of change. In doing so human resources professionals have to provide its employees and management personnel within the organization a strategic subtle plan of action to implement the change that is necessary for the organization. The strategic plan of action to implement the change is a gradual process so that all parties involved are all on board. The approach is to be able to effectively communicate the change within the organization without a backlash from management and it employees, because change for people is not easily accepted if not with the right planning and preparation.

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