Human Resources Management

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Performance management Pages: 8 (2645 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Question 1
“Innovation forms the very core of the Basil Read offering.” Discuss how HR practices at Basil Read are aligned to support the use of technology throughout the organization. Human Resource Management practices at Basil Read are aligned to exploit the use of technology in all aspects of HR processes. Electronic Human Resource management (E-HRM) is the latest technology used in the HR department to transmit, store and process information digitally. E-HRM allows for information to be consolidated and called up quickly when required. The HR functions from payroll to recruitment, performance management to employee wellness can all be conducted via E-HRM. Basil Read is an innovative organization that has built its reputation and brand on offering enhanced design alternatives, innovative construction techniques while maintaining high quality standards, it is therefore only a natural progression for them to introduce an E-HRM system [E=Serve] to consolidate and distribute HR information across the group of companies allowing its employees to have access to their pay slips online, which is more efficient and saves time and money as no paper is required to be printed and distributed to all employees, managers have access to talent information making promotion and training decisions easier as all required details are within reach and there is no need to go and pull archived hard copy employee files, once again, saving time and money and the likelihood of outdated records is reduced or even eliminated as all employees have access to update their own records and no longer have to rely on someone to capture the data before it can be updated. Performance management can be done in real time as there is no delay is submitting the results / scores, again saving time and money as there is no need for printed paper may even reduce the stress and anxiety associated with performance reviews as the process is more efficient and possibly more transparent as everyone has access to their own information at all times. For employees without access to the internet, Basil Read made use of short message services [SMS] to get the critical information through to those employees as well as track their queries and feedback.

Question 2
Analyze and discuss how Basil Read through their various training initiatives can be considered as having a high-leverage strategy related to their business needs.  
Basil Read has a proud culture and high quality standards, their competitive advantage in the market place is achieved by being renowned for their ability to be innovative, cost-effective, fast track projects on time and within budget as well as to be able to pursue complex projects and still balance their clients’ requirements. In order for Basil Read to pursue, achieve, maintain and improve on this ability, they need to ensure that their staff is trained in the latest knowledge and technology and are forward thinking - this they have addressed by ensuring they take control of their staff training and development right from entry level throughout their career path, this way they can control the quality of staff as well as ensure they understand and share the same values and commitments to service and product delivery – creating the Basil Read Way. Basil Read invests R20 million per year on training and development which is significantly higher amount per employee when compared to other construction companies of similar statue i.e. Group 5 and Aveng-Griniker-LTA, although Basil Read has a slightly smaller staff compliment. This is an indication of the quality and possibly the number of interventions that are done per year. Basil Read has taken a special interest in Technical development and this is a particular focus for their Centre of Excellence for Talent and Development. This is a critical skills development area as technical skills are scarce in South Africa – through this initiative Basil Read ensures that they staff are efficiently...
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