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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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Midterm Exam

Instructor: 啟陽週

Name: Mayling Jou 侯美玲

Student ID: D0042335

Department: BIBA (sophomore)

Due Date: November 8th, 2012
Part I) Employee death sparks outrage at sourcing factories in China (2009). 1. Was Mr. Sun’s reaction to the accusation of the theft something that only might be expected in China?
I think the suicide of Mr. Sun was not only an escape for the accusation of theft something, but this reaction involves more than the theft of an intellectual property. Behind the simple fact of a theft, there are many other factors that made him kill himself, such as shiftwork and late night work, excessive working hours over a short period, long hours with inadequate breaks, Hazardous physical working conditions, etc.

This is not only happening in China, but also in other countries. This article about Foxconn (China) has spread worldwide because of the increasing sells of the famous company Apple. However, I read some articles about suicide other countries like United Kingdom, where an “engineer, who killed himself, wrote in a suicide note saying 'the pressure of work has turned my mind into a ticking time bomb'. Hazards magazine reported in 2003 that the work-related suicide toll in the UK was likely to exceed 100 deaths per year, caused by factors including overwork, stress and harassment”. Other similar stories have been happened in Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zeeland etc. 2. Is the theft of intellectual property a problem everywhere? Why or why not? Does every culture view the importance of intellectual property in the same way?

Yes, it is a problem everywhere. The piracy of intellectual property that is protected by copyright law is a crime. The theft of intellectual property also involved the plagiarism. Nowadays, the Internet has contributed with this problem. A common situation about this is, a group of students that decide to “copy and paste” the essay from an author. Some...