Human Resources Key Performance Indicators and Workforce Information Report

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Human Resources Key Performance Indicators and Workforce Information Report April 2007


Human Resources – Key Performance Indicators and Workforce Information Report 1. 1.1 INTRODUCTION Initial Report This is the first report setting out how we will report on the performance of the Trust through: a. Human Resource Key Performance Indicators. More specifically, it: • • • Explains why the measures we have chosen are important indicators of performance; Explains how they have been calculated and why caution must be exercised when making external comparisons; and Describes our aspirations for improving our HR KPI’s over time.

HR KPI reports will be provided to the Provider Services Management Board and the full PCT Board on a monthly basis. b. Detailed workforce information, which benchmarks the Trust’s workforce profile over s defined period. 1.2 Purpose of Key Performance Indicators The Human Resource Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been designed to provide information and analysis on key staffing-related themes for the Trust. The purpose of introducing Human Resource KPI’s is: • • • To provide a framework for monitoring and analysing standard staff-related data within the Trust. To set benchmarks and measure performance against these, at both a local and Trust-wide level. To identify and analyse trends which will help us to plan targeted action.


Structure and presentation of KPI’s Human Resource information will be produced to monitor and manage performance against published KPI’s at both directorate (for the full PCT Board) and department (for the Provider Services Management Board) levels, in reflection of the Trust’s management structure. The developed KPI’s will form a key part of the overall HR Business Plan for 2007-2008.


This report sets out baseline data. In future reports we will be highlighting performance both through continued benchmarking and by measuring progress towards targets or benchmarks. 1.4 Workforce Information The workforce information or profiling will over a defined period build up a picture of the changes in the profile of the staffing of the Trust. It will detail whole time equivalents (wte) for the Trust, broken down further by Directorate, staff group, and ethnic origin, age and gender and disability. 2. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPI’s) 2.1 Turnover

High turnover usually results in increased costs due to agency use or overtime, and increased costs through the need to recruit replacement staff. The Institute for Innovation and Improvement has identified that a 1% reduction in turnover can have a 1% positive impact on the pay-bill from staff efficiency. The method we have used to calculate our turnover is the number of all leavers (WTE) divided by the actual number of staff (WTE) within the Trust. The calculations are used over the financial year noting for 2006/07 this is from the creation of the PCT on 1 October 2006. Current Turnover Whole Time Equivalent by Staff Group

600.00 500.00
Contract Count

400.00 300.00 200.00 100.00
Physiotherapy Manager Medical & Dental Mental Health Maintenance

Counsellors Ancillary Dietetics A&C


Podiatry Qualified Nursing S<


Technical Therapy Support Unqualified

Sure Start

Staff Group



Leavers Wte by Staff Group October 06 to March 07

50.00 40.00

Leavers Wte


20.00 10.00 0.00 Physiotherapy Manager Podiatry Counselling Sure Start Medical & Dental Unqualified Nursing Ancillary Qualified Nursing S< Support Technical A&C S<

Staff Groups

Current Turnover Based on 95.03 wte leavers in the 6 months Oct 06 to March 07 the projected total annual leaver rate is 11.17%. Staff groups with projected rates over 10% are A&C 23.5%, Ancillary 10.94%, Counselling 17.01%, Managers 15.14%, Medical & Dental 12.28%, Podiatry 10.92%, S< Support 22.94% Technical 11.32%. . Quantitative Our specific...
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