Human Resources at Jackson Hotels, Inc.

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Internet recruiting has revolutionized the way in which businesses recruit job applicants, providing both advantages and disadvantages. Internet recruiting has also modernized the human resource field and has made it easier for small businesses like Jackson Hotels, Inc. to find talented employees. According to the information provided in the case study, Carol Cross had suggested that Internet recruitment might enhance both the quantity and quality of the applicant pool making it advantageous for Jackson Hotels, Inc. to consider. In addition to using job-posting websites, companies can leverage prescreening tools to separate the qualified applicants from the unqualified. Furthermore, web tools include online job fairs where companies can meet candidates in a virtual environment allowing them to chat with them online in real time. Online resources enable the company to reclaim time and money due to travel expenses and travel time spent.

On the other hand, some disadvantages that arise due to Internet recruiting is, because, almost all large and many small companies now provide online recruiting, they will only accept applications for employment online. This makes it harder for those that might not have access to a computer as well as the internet. A disadvantage to the company is the online applicant pool of resumes could be weak.

Lastly, many hotel chains are now tapping into skilled foreign labor through the Internet. However, depending on how one looks at outsourcing it could be an advantage or it could be a disadvantage. Advantages to outsourcing are it is often cheaper in addition to a business being able to obtain skills and expertise that may not be available within the organization. Unfortunately, a disadvantage that results from outsourcing is the elimination of jobs, which in turn helps to contribute and increase the unemployment rates.

To help minimize the disadvantages of a business as well as Jackson Hotels, Inc. they should think twice...
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