Human Resources at Airport - Internal Factors

Topics: Employment, Manchester Airports Group, Manchester Airport Pages: 4 (1663 words) Published: November 11, 2012
P1 – Describe the internal factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements at Manchester Airport. In this assignment I am going to consider what human resource requirements could Manchester Airport have due to changes in different areas they’re operating. Internal Factors.

If the Manchester Airport decided to make some changes in their technology use within the airport then they may have to consider following: Staff – due to changes in the way they operate (they start to use more technology) the airport might change their use of staff. Since use of technology can replace more and more peoples work then less people will be employed because it is more beneficial for the business. However there are some points than needs to be taken into account and they are: The new technology will require for new skills (specific IT skills), therefore this might lead the business to give additional training for the rest of the stuff that will keep operating within the airport. This will reduce the number of staff however they might have a need to employ temporary employees that could deal within temporary problems that technology might have unless it’s been provided within the training programme for the staff. However this might lead to another problem because when business will have a need to decide what personnel they want to keep and with which one they want no further contact, they need to look at their abilities to learn new skills because not all people would cope with the new technologies because they are too old to be understanding the use of them.

Demands for service. If the business saves money on employing less people than needed then the Airport could develop their offers such as providing more flights and therefore being able to keep the same number of staff. If the technology will prove how beneficial it is for business they might have a demand for services therefore giving those people more opportunity to work. If the business expand and it...
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