Human Resource Training

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Q2 – HRM

Through appropriate job training and communication, management are able to allow employees to adapt with various technological changes within the organisation. According to Bramley (2003), “Training is a process which is planned to facilitate learning so that people can become more effective in carrying out aspects of their work.” Training is a continuous development cycle and according to Pilbeam & Corbridge (2002), there are four major stages to it, namely “identify training needs”, “plan and design training”, “delivering training” and “evaluating training outcomes”. All of this can be categorised as part of a formal training schemes which consist of training courses, coaching and mentoring scheme or job rotation. Training courses will likely to involve external vendors and subject matter experts to provide a dynamic environment for the employees. Vendors will likely discuss with management or line managers on the training program before rolling it out to the employees. Training program also will be further amended with inputs from employees and line managers regarding the effectiveness of the program on employees. (Karim et al, 2012)

There are also informal training schemes for the employees such as the E-learning packages which can be done from home or at work. Employees can choose whenever they want to complete the package as it serves as a revision or refresher course for some people. Line managers also got an informal role built in their job description to oversee or guide employees as well although the choice is with the line manager. (Muller-Camen et al, 2008)

Besides training, communication plays an important role as well. Sandelands & Boudens (2000) demonstrated that “the meaning of work derives from the connection with coworkers, not from the work itself”. In order to encourage and support employee engagement is to provide training for interpersonal communication in order to foster good relationships between employees....
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