Human Resource Strategy

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Delores Williams

American Intercontinental University

Unit 3

MGT652 – Human Resource Strategy

Dr. Thomas Gilbertson

March 31, 2013


Sonnerfeld and Peiperl proposed a topology for career systems that places business under four types of distinct strategic staffing categories. These categories are fortress, baseball team, club, or academy according to Greer, 2001. Mary Kay falls under the Baseball Team and Academy. There will a memo place at the end of the explaining the policies I would change or implement as the growth of the business continues.

Every company has its own strategy that it uses to make the company a success. Mary Kay uses the baseball team and academy strategic staffing to motivate women to become million dollar beauty sales consultant. Within this paper, the strategy that Mary Kay or MK matches with, MK overall human resource or HR strategies, and memo changes will be discussed.

The Strategy MK Match With

There are two strategies that MK matches with, which is the baseball team and the academy strategy. MK resembles the baseball strategy because it’s focuses on team players, building its success on team sales and recruits. All MK beauty consultants start at the entry level. MK is a company that pursues innovation strategy. This company does design plus produces new products. According to Sports Mogul Inc., (2009) “long balls plus overpowering pitches defense is crucial part of the game of baseball” (Picking Your Strategy Defense). MK understands that empower women to build the financial stability every women wants is always welcome among female entrepreneurs. This company has its own pitches awaiting women who want to build their financial income. The first key in this strategy is to make sure women in MK beauty consultants has the appropriate skill for this...
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