Human Resource Specialist

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The Human Resources Specialist< You are a Human Resources Specialist and work for a staffing services company. Early Monday morning you receive a phone call from one of your most important clients. They want to get rid of one of your assignment employees (is a temporary employee of your company). The employee has been absent for several days because she is pregnant. She has been working as a banking receptionist, a position that requires consistent attendance and a cheerful disposition towards bank clients. You discuss the legal consequences attendant on firing or reassigning a pregnant employee; this includes possibilities such as a wrongful dismissal and an anti discrimination suit. But your client is not receptive of this. He responds by asking you if you can think of a legal way to “get around” these problems Problem Statement

Is it the best option for the specialist, just to maintain the most important client, to get rid of the pregnant employee without caring about her needs and endanger the company’s welfare? Problem Analysis

Human Resources Specialist
Pregnant employee
Staffing services company
Interests confliction
Pregnant employee-client: it is evident that the client has different interests. The client wants to get rid of the employee while she wants to maintain her job. The client is receiving a bad service and the employee can´t offer that because of her condition. •Client- staffing services company: while the company doesn´t want to lose its most important client, the client wants to leave if the employee is not fired. It is very risky for the company to lose one of the main clients; it has to balance which is most weighty, the client or an employee. •Human resources specialist- client: the specialist is looking for the wellness of the employees but the client doesn´t even care about it. However, the specialist can´t forget about the...
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