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Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis

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Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis

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Majan College (University College)
Faculty of Business Management
Human Resource Management (BC 15-2)

Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis

Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis are one of most important aspect that an organization either national or international company looks it in details in achieving its objective. In my essay I am going to give the definitions of Human Resource Planning (HRP) and Job Analysis (JA); the method and steps to use HRP and JA, the importance and the berries of using HRP and JA. Pizza Hut is a multinational example of company that have effective Human resources. Human Resource Planning (HRP) is an ongoing process of systematic plan to the best use of human resource requirement in order to ensuring there are required employee matches with requires skills in required job. Moreover, it ensures that there is no a shortage or excess of employee. HRP exist in the long short term organization as the employee is the valuable asset in the company. Thus HRP is important area in any organization because it makes a link between different HR functions and overall goals of the organization. It is also future personnel needs and increase investment of human resource. Further more, the organizations have to take on account the changes in order to add value of HRP. Here are the main changes that effect HRP: •Changes in the overall employment market- demographic or remuneration level. •Cultural changes.

Changes in employee relations climate
Changes in the legal framework.
HR and employment practice being developed in other organizations. •Changes in technologies.
HRP is integrated with strategic planning to achieve organizations through gaining of employee. Strategic planning is the process of identifying overall organizational purpose, objective and goals and how to be achieved in which determines by top management. The following steps and diagram shows how the developing of HRP strategic approach: 1.Setting the...

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