Human Resource Managment and Recruitment

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  • Published : January 29, 2008
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What are the recruitment policies, procedures and practices how they are being implement and their effects on recruitment practices at Standard Chartered, CITI Bank and United Bank Limited.

To enhance the knowledge and to make the students practical Lahore School of Economics has made thesis research a compulsory part of the bachelors degree. I will be conducting research on Human resource management focusing the recruitment policies procedures and practices that are being implemented in Standard Chartered, CITI Bank and United Bank Limited. Background:

In the Banking sector the success or the failure mainly results on the performance of employees. The better the performance of the employee the better will be the output. The HR department of the banks keeps on looking for the person who they think is suitable for their job. Recruitment is a part of Human Resource Management and no organization can progress without proper Human Resource Practices. Recruitment refers to the process of finding right people for the right job or function. Recruitment polices and practices refer that how that person should be hired and are followed and carried out by the recruiters or the HR managers. Procedures refers that through which channel the policies and practices are implement, how the polices are implement and what ways should be adopted to carry out the human resources practices. Objectives:

Standard charted and CITI bank are one of the leading international banks where as United Bank was previously owned by the Government of Pakistan and later on due to the privatization the bank is owned by some private company. Objectives of the study are to:

•compare the recruitment polices of the three banks
•Determine who is actually following the policies in a manner to get the maximum benefits. •Determine the policies and criteria regarding the hiring of experienced people and fresh graduate students.

The study of this proposal highlights the...
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