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Human resources management main role in information technology Project management Hamed Tohidi

Tohidi, H. (2011). Human Resources Management main role in Information Technology project management. Procedia Computer Science, 3, 925-929. Purpose
The purpose of this article is to emphasize the role of human resource management in information technology projects as one of the effective factors that leads to successful projects. The author includes information about project manager responsibilities, factors that effect on the success of project management and method of research. The conducted survey has been issued to priories the human resource management three aspects which are individual factors, job-related factors and organizations factors. Those three factors have been prioritized based on questionnaire which took place on an information technology department in government agency. Key Information

The project manager
Due to the rapid development of information technology projects, the social and human resources management been effected negatively. Project managers are responsible to create new strategies to improve performance, prevent possible risks, and make decisions. Because of that, managers share these responsibilities with the human resource management professionals taking an account of several concerns. Those considerations are related to main strategies and project planning with human resource management principles and their timely implementation, the structure of organization that undertake the project and deliver human resource process for training, the management of human resource contribution by providing opportunities for the employees and the attention to organization cultures by enlarging the change capacity and transforming in Information Technology projects. In Japanese bank, the study point out that to reach high level of performance, administrators must efficiently manage the capabilities of information technology as well as...
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