Human Resource Management Term Paper

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Collective Bargaining at West University
Human Resource Management

December 29, 2012

College campuses across the country have served as staples in their community. As college faculty and the student body forge bonds between academic, state, and union members they held to higher standards of ethics. With this being said they are faced with basic and central social relationships between union, employers and state. In respects to labor law it encompasses significant aspects of law of contract, the law of torts, and constitutional law. (1) The implementation of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) that was passed in 1935 encourages the standard for policing the relationships between employees, and employers by elected official and employees’. (2). Labor laws are extended to any person who works in the service of another person under express of implied contract of hire, under which the employer has the right to control he details of work performance. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 2009) In accordance with Black’s Law Dictionary a student assistant meets the requirement to be considered a legal employee of the university or department. (3). But as labor laws evolve and challenge the awareness of fair and equal pay, work environment, and benefits both employees and employers have become stake holders. In the grand scope of things each party views union practices differently. Example: an employee views unions as a tool to bargain wages, benefits, working relationship with management, and protection from mal-treatment. With the creation of the Wagner Act employees were given the option to join the union, thus providing a balance of power. The Wagner Act was amended to protect employers from unfair union labor practices. The Taft –Harley Act was enacted in 1947, sponsored by Senator Robert Taft and Representative Fred Hartley; known as the slave-labored bill due to its conflict with democratic...
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