Human Resource Management Roles

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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Human Resource Management Roles
LuAnn Spector
September 26, 2010

Human resource management is a very important position in the healthcare field. A human resource manager is responsible for communicating with employees and employers and runs the daily human resource operations in the health care facility where they work. Human resource managers act as mediators for employee/employer issues and answer employee questions about compensation, health benefits or company policies and regulations. Healthcare facilities would have a hard time operating without the guidance and responsibilities of a human resource manager. Usually a four year degree in human resource management or labor relations is required.

A human resource manager is responsible for creating job descriptions and outlining the duties and expectations of specific positions. Human resource managers will describe what the job entails, review hourly requirements and the salary offered. Human resource managers have the responsibility of listing and describing the skills and qualifications needed in a medical professional seeking a job position.

When applicants submit their resumes, the human resource manager reviews all the possible canidates to see if they have the required skills and qualifications to perform the job at the highest level of quality. After the human resource manager looks over all applications, he or she must select possible canidates and set up interviews with each one. The human resource manager will usually conduct the interviews and choose the best possible applicant to fill the position. During the interview, job description and requirements will be reviewed to make sure the applicant understands and still wants the position.

After one or a selected few applicant are chosen for hire, the human resource manager will perform a background check. Background checks are a vital part of the hiring process in the healthcare field, since employees will be working alongside...
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