Human Resource Management Practices

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Analysis and interpretation are very significant in research to arrive at certain conclusion. The collected data in itself does not provide any answer to the research problem. The data collected must be arranged in specific manner to get desired answers.

Interpretation of data provides the concrete information the researcher desires. Giving due consideration and importance to the research question, the researcher in the following pages analyses and interprets the data collected. As mentioned in the very outset this study is done to decipher the level of Human Resources Management Practices (of Prof. Jeferry Pfeffer ) present in Catholic Hospitals in Odisha. For this purpose the researcher has collected data from five of six main Catholic hospitals in Odisha. The first part of this chapter deals with the data collected from respondents who are in the managerial position in the hospital and the second part deal with data collected from Employees in the hospital. 1. Part One: Analysis and interpretation of Data Collected from Managerial Personnel 1.1 Name of Hospitals and Number of Respondents

As the figure indicates the hospitals the researcher visited are Catholic Mission hospital Nuagoan owned and manged by Catholic diocese of Rourkela, Community Welfare Society Hospital, Jagda which is owned and managed by Community Welfare Society(an NGO), Rourkela, St. Mary’s Hospital Jharsugud owned and administered by Handmaids of Mary Congregation, Jesus, Mary and Joseph hospital, Sambalpur owned and managed by JMJ sisters and Catholic Mission Hospital, Bargarh owned and managed by Samaritan Sisters. As shown in the figure in each of these hospitals the researcher interviewed eight, eleven, ten, nine and eight persons respectively who were in administrative position.

1.2 Age of the Respondents

More than 47 percentage of the Respondent in the research belong to the age group between 31-40. The second largest age group(21.74%) belongs to the age group of 41to 50. And the third largest group (19.57%) is of 51 to 60 years of age. And finally 10.87% of the respondents belong to the age of 61 and above. 1.3 Gender of the Respondents

As the figure indicates great majority (84.78%) of the respondent belong to female category and a mere 15.22% of the respondents belong to male category. This gender disparity has happened owing to the fact that most of the hospitals are owned and or managed by female religious congregations.

1.4 Educational Qualifications of the Respondents

34.78% of the respondents were General Nurses by profession, 19.57% of the respondents were graduates in various disciplines, 15.22% of the respondents were BSc Nurses and again same percentage of respondents were Diploma holders in different fields. Further a 10.87% of the respondents were Doctors with an MBBS and other higher qualifications, 4.35 of the respondents were person with Diploma in Pharmacy. So the respondents of the research done belong to various different categories holding different educational qualifications, but at the same time mostly health care professionals.

1.5 Designation of the Respondents

The highest percentage (19.56%) of respondents in this research were ward in-charges, 10.87% each of respondents belonged to Lab in-charge, Operation theatre in-charge, Nursing Superintendent, Finance manger, Medical Superintendent, and Hospital Administrator, 6.52% were Community health in-charges, 4.34% were Pharmacy in-charges, 2.17% each were Radiology in-charge and Hospital Director.

1.6 Duration of Respondent’s Work Experience

As the figure above indicates 39.13% of the respondents have a service experience spanning over a period of five to ten years. 34.78% of the respondents belong to the category of one to five years of service experience category. 19.57% of the respondents belong to ten to fifteen years of service category and 6.52% of the...
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