Human Resource Management Is an Integral Part of the Work of Everyone in a Managerial Post and Therefore Line Managers Are the Key Drivers of Human Resource Management Practices and Systems

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Human resource management is an integral part of the work of everyone in a managerial post and therefore line managers are the key drivers of Human Resource Management practices and systems BMAM702: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

Executive Summary
HRM may have many good thing to offer and line manager and perform many of it’s duties. Some line manager thing they are doing lot of HR duties and they are don’t mind doing it. However, other agrees that they don’t have enough knowledge and experience to carry put some of the action. Also they see these actions as waste of their time.

Table of Content
Who is line manager?1
The role of line managers in implementing HR processes2
Relationship between HR and the line2
Devolving responsibility down the line2
Impact of line manager behaviour3
Managing line managers4

This report will look at the how HRM can be incorporated to HRM. The involvement of line manager in HRM has been noted in literature from early 80’s. this report will try to show the role of line manager in implementing the role of HR and possible obstacle they may face due to this. Who is line manager?

Front Line manager usually promoted from normal employees. As a result, they are experienced and know the general employee well, while they may not have any formal management education. CIPD have given a typical role of a front line manager, which may include the followings: * Day-to-day people management

* Managing operational costs
* Providing technical expertise
* Organisation of work allocation and rotas
* Monitoring work processes
* Checking quality
* Dealing with customers/clients
* Measuring operational performance.

Increasingly, line managers are taking new responsibilities such as undertake performance appraisals, handle disciplinary activity also provide coaching and guidance. Moreover, in many companies line manager carry out responsibility such as recruitment and selection along side with HR.

To answer the question why line managers are important?
Sisson (1994, pp. 7-8) have given four principles of HRM, which includes beliefs and assumptions, managerial role, organisation design and personal policy. Sisson also defines the role of top-manager, where it was stated that top-managers should establish organisation’s mission and values, and shearing their future vision and success with other employee and provide transformational leadership. Where as when describing the role of middle manager Sisson states that they should be able to “inspire, encourage, enable and facilitate change by harnessing commitment and co-operation of (the organization’s) employees; they also see the development of employees as a primary role” (Sisson, 1994, p. 8). Hence, it can be said that Sisson trying to say every layers of management has important part to play in implementing the HRM approach in an organisation.

The role of line managers in implementing HR processes
Relationship between HR and the line
Research has shown front line managers play more central role in implementing people management policies, because they have influence in employee’s attitude and behaviours. Which, in turn affects the performance of an organisation (Hutchinson and Purcell, 2003). Although line manager have some input in this area but many HR directors have shown concern about the effectiveness of line manager in implementing people management policies (Hutchinso, 2008).

When a line manager was asked about their role “one manager interviewed remarked ‘you are the piggy in the middle’ – on the one hand expected to be the voice of management and yet on the other the champion of the team’s interests” (Hutchinso, 2008).

Storey (1992) have made the role of line manager clear and cleared the idea that HRM is not another alternative title for Personal Management; rather it is very unique approach. Storey...
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