Human Resource Management in Hanoi Metropole Hotel

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Vietnam Pages: 9 (2930 words) Published: May 3, 2013
1.Introduction of the company
Kinh Do Corporation is a Vietnam-based food processing company. Foundedin 1993, Kinh Do started out as a small workshop with a total investment capital of about US$125,000 and 70 people.Through its manufacturing network, the company primarily manufactures, markets and distributes sweets and non-alcoholic beverages, including cookies, cakes, crackers, snacks, candies, moon cakes, beverages, and ice-cream. It is also involved in general merchandise of operating supplies and real estate operation as supporting activities to distribution network. Since being one of the leading confectionary makers in Vietnam, Kinh Do has majorly focused on domestic market (80%). Based on its specific products, Vietnam-based food, Kinh Do wants to supply domestic customers with high quality foodstuff in order to maintain its position in consumers’ eyes. However, Kinh Do’s ambitions were not limited only in Vietnamese market. Foreign markets are also the going-concern target of Kinh Do to expand its trademark to other regions all over the world. Nowadays, there are over 100 Kinh Do bakery outlets in Asia and the United States according to Messageson the website With the aim of bringing the taste for life, target customers of Kinh Do are every people, from the very little children to the old, from ill people to the very healthy ones. After 17 years operating, the company has built a strong trademark, which are likely realised by almost all Vietnamese people. Though some quality-related issues had influenced its credit, Kinh Do is still one of the first names consumers think of when being in the market for processed goods. In recent years, even when having to face with the global economic crisis, Kinh Do still remains the steadily growth rate with high profit. The year of 2010 marks a new decade forKinh Do and making sure of its continued development strategy is a leading Food Corporation of Vietnam. Kinh Do’s financial status is holding fast, promising more successes in the next fiscal years.So far, Kinh Do has really cooked up a decent recipe for success and more is yet to come.

2.Management functions
It can be seen that success will come true when managers know their companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as to identify what need to be done, what they should do or how they can do. Thanks to precise strategies, Kinh Do have built and developed its trade mark become the best choice to the customers in the whole country. According to Chien luoc Kinh Do on the, the company always pay attention to innovate technology so that quality, packing and diversity level of products are improved, helping to meet the need of customers. From 2002 up till now, more than 100 products have been introduced which are not only delicious but also nutritious and Kinh Do’s main products are moon cakes, cookies, snacks, crackers, chocolate candy, bakery and soon. An outstanding result is that grow rate of ice-cream and yoghurt is 20%- 30% annually and become a favorite food of all people based on Thuc phamon website Moreover, Kinh Do also uses the quality management system ISO 9002 instead of ISO 9001:2000, so product activities are more effective and perfect.

Not just that, Kinh Do enlarges its distributed agency system in 64 provinces. This way seems to be an inevitable way to make people access new kinds of products quickly. At present, the company has more than 200 distributors and 120,000 retail outlets, according to Chien luoc Kinh Do on the websitevi.scribd.comthis is one of the most important factors bringing Kinh Do success and reputation.

Last but not least, Kinh Do often finds new foreign markets in order to promote production process. This is not easy but the company has persuaded and been chosen by selective markets such as Singapore, USA, and Europe countries… thanks to high quality and reasonable price. Recently, Kinh Do’s products have been...
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