Human Resource Management in Blue Bird

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Human resource management in BLUE BIRD
Nathan runs his own business as selling kids’ clothes name BLUE BIRD. He owns five medium size stores in different places in Sydney. He has twenty employees working for him including his wife. Actually, his business is quite simple, cheaply buying the kids’ clothes from clothing factory in China and selling them in his shops. Since Nathan was studying management in university, he used some scientific management practices in his business in order to make his business running more efficiently. As owner-manager, Nathan’s responsibility involves coordinating and leading all the human, physical, and financial resources of the company towards the goal (Pickle and Royce, 1990). In most small business, salespeople’s attitudes and their abilities to serve customer needs directly affect sales revenue. Also, salary is one of the largest expense categories for the most business, having a direct impact on the bottom line. By recruiting the best possible employee, a company can improve its return on each payroll dollar.

Finding quality employee
Recruitment and selection of employees establish a foundation for the manager to practice scientific management. In a sense, the quality of a company’s employees determines its potential (Richard, 1989). When extra person needed, Nathan will always consider every applicant very carefully. He says, he will not select person simply to fit rigid specification of education, experience or person’s background. Rather, the applicants must concentrate on the overall ability of an individual to fill a seller’s position in the store.

Training and workplace
Training is a must for new employees or even experienced ones. One obvious purpose of training is to prepare a new recruit to perform the duties for which he or she has been hired. There are very few positions for which no training is required. If a manager fails to provide training, the new employees must learn by trial and error, which...
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