Human Resource Management Essay

Topics: Leadership, Background check, Management Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Imagine that you are the chairperson of the personnel selection committee for your organization (school, office or department). Your committee is required to interview a number of candidates for the position of leader / manager/ principal of your organization. Reflecting on the stages of the selection process discussed in unit 4, which of the stages would you encourage your committee to use? Using relevant literature and references substantiate your rationale for the choice of preferred stages.

Anderson (1991) defined selection as “the process of discovering the qualifications and characteristics of job applicants in order to establish their suitability for the position,” (p.8). Elmore & Burney (2000) noted that “choosing a leader who possesses the right attributes and skills can propel a school forward in meeting its goals and laying a foundation for excellence” (p.108). It is evident that choosing the best school leader is one of the most important decisions the selection committee can make. To this end, as chairperson of the personnel selection committee for the Basser High School the following stages of the selection process will be proposed: the screening interview, selection tests, employment interview, reference and background analysis and job offer. Utilizing the proposed stages will ensure that the right person is selected in the most cost effective and timely and professional manner.

Dessler (2005) indicated “preliminary sifting ensures only the best candidates with the right skills and characteristics move forward,” (p.194). The screening interview seeks to establish a short list of candidates who best meet the job specification criteria. This preliminary interview seeks to ascertain whether an applicant has the basic requisite skills and qualifications such as good interpersonal skills, the zeal to lead and the right credentials. Such scrutiny which is based on the organizations needs will save valuable resources in...
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