Human Resource Management - Employees Are an Asset

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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A Human Resource Manager’s key objective is to successfully motivate people involved within a business in order to achieve productive results. In so doing, the business prospers and its employees are motivated to achieve even greater heights. Managing Human resources is not a simple task; several good practices must be considered when doing so. What is the most valuable asset that a company has? Is it the name, customers, goodwill, physical resources, or product line? It is none of these. A company's most valuable resource is its' employees. Any organization will go only as far as the people who are driving it. In fact, a company is really just a group of people who interact for a common purpose. They are the ones who make up the organization. Whether it be a 1 person shop or a 100 person enterprise, there is nothing more important than the people that answer the phones, oversee operations, interact with customers, handle orders, manage the books, etc. A bad hire can be very devastating to a company. If the wrong person is hired, a company may hinder their own chances for success - the team just isn't big enough to absorb underperforming or controversial staff. One needs to know exactly what they are looking for. It cannot be stressed enough that people make the business.

The key is in understanding the value of people. Once this is established, HR must then focus its attention towards good practices. A few examples of good practices are articulation of vision, mission and values, a good management plan, manpower planning, performance management, training and development and service quality enhancement. Some good practices HR Managers can adopt are open management, the bettering of work environments, performance incentives and rewards, sharing of knowledge, performance, feedback, employee evaluation and allowing employees’ participation in discussion making. Employees don’t like feeling uninformed. They feel motivated and develop enthusiasm only when the...
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