Human Resource Management Effectiveness

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  • Published: February 21, 2011
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Human Resource Management Effectiveness
Joe Shmo
BUS 303
Professor D’Amato
November 29, 2010

Human Resource Management Effectiveness
Organizations must have an effective Human Resource Management (HRM) department in order for the organization to succeed. The HRM department must effectively communicate to all employees the organizations goals and mission. There are many key functions to Human Resource Management that ensure the organization is running properly and compliant with local, state and federal laws and regulations. All functions of the Human Resource Management system must work together and have consistency within each other to work effectively. Two key functions are Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programs and Affirmative Action. Recruitment, planning and selection are other important functions to an organization’s HRM department. The development of employees is another exceptionally important function of an organization’s HRM department. Other important functions the HRM departments are in charge of are compensation and benefits. Safety and health of all employees must be a priority for an organization to survive. Lastly, employee and labor relations are crucial for an organization to remain compliant with the labor laws. Two key functions are Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programs and Affirmative Action. “Equal Employment Opportunity programs are implemented by employers to prevent employment discrimination in the workplace or to take remedial action to offset past employment discrimination.” (Ivancevich, 2010) EEO starts before an employee is hired and ends, with that particular employee, once they are no longer employed with the organization. The Human Resource Management team must comply with this law before they consider filling a position within the organization. “EEO has implications for almost every activity in HRM: hiring, recruiting, training, terminating, compensating, evaluating, planning,...
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