Human Resource Management: Appraisal Interview

Topics: Human resource management, Evaluation, Management Pages: 10 (2775 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Introduction The performance appraisal interview is the first round in the performance appraisal process and this is the round in which the manager communicates his evaluation of the employee’s performance during the appraisal period or the time that the employee’s performance is being evaluated. Quite frequently one is confronted with the view “Why should an Assessment Interview be carried out at all – we talk with each other all the time anyway?” One does not exclude the other. Daily communication at the work place is vital for factual cooperation, just as much as frequent talks during breaks. Both however cannot be a substitute for the purpose of an Assessment Interview. For the successful conduction of an Appraisal Interview talking enough time for it (at least an hour) as well as choosing an appropriate, quiet location are vital. The structured outline of enables both, the employee and the manager, to look back on past performance as well as to agree on future goals and tasks. Due to the written form those agreements become verifiable and binding, while at the same time remaining confidential because of the four ‐ eyes principle. No content of the interview (except agreed‐upon training measures) is passed on to third parties. The Appraisal Interview fosters trust and cooperation within the organizational unit and is valuable for all parties involved. The Appraisal Interview demands for mutual willingness for dialogue, joint evaluation and analysis of agreed‐upon goals and possible deviations. It enables the identification of potential areas for development together with appropriate training measures. The Appraisal Interview also facilitates the agreement on annual targets in regard to carrying out the necessary tasks of an organizational unit. Finally it also provides an opportunity to getting to know each other better. Objectives This document is intended to discuss aspects of Human Resource Management regarding Appraisal Interview processes and results. The discussion is related with an IT service organization named Smart IT Engineering Ltd (SITEL) registered in


Dhaka, Bangladesh. With the company motto being “IT for SMARTer living”, SITEL's vision is to produce solutions that will allow people to have a life without any hassle. SITEL is an IT services and consulting company. SITEL produces cutting edge software using the state-of-the-art facilities and latest technologies. SITEL's primary focus is to provide e-commerce platform for all brands, shops and distributors in Bangladesh to allow them to merchandise over internet. SITEL also have solutions for accounting inventory management with technology that allows customizing according to our customers needs. SITEL also have partnership with multiple overseas company from Norway, England and USA for outsourcing wing. What is a Performance Appraisal Interview ? A performance appraisal interview is the first stage of the performance appraisal process and involves the employee and his or her manager sitting face to face to discuss threadbare all aspects of the employee’s performance and thrash out any differences in perception or evaluation. The performance appraisal interview provides the employee with a chance to defend himself or herself against poor evaluation by the manager and also gives the manager a chance to explain what he or she thinks about the employee’s performance. In a nutshell, the performance appraisal interview precedes the normalization process and is subsequent to the employee filling up the evaluation form and the manager likewise doing so. The interview is the stage where both sides debate and argue the employees’ side of the story as well as the manager’s perception. Concisely Appraisal Interviews are talks between employee and manager happen on an almost daily basis. The annual Appraisal Interview however offers the opportunity to systematically discuss the following content: • • • • Discuss work and performance of the past year – tasks,...
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