Human Resource Management and Siemens

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Organizational Behavior

Lecturer: Dr. Patricia Prihodova

Siemens Case Study

Student Name: Hamad Alawadhi
ID number: 112300151

1. How does Siemens seek to provide good career opportunities for employees?

The entire article is about Siemens and how they manage its employees. The Culture of the company is high performance which is to encourage people to achieve high results. When you are in a company whose culture is to do the best, you definitely have a chance to improve your career. The Environment of Siemens Is rare whose workforce consists of professional people who believe in teamwork and hard work does not prevent having fun together and party. Dr. Klaus Kleinfield said he “was able to build large circle of advisors and friends within the company” (qtd in success stories). Most of us would love to work in this kind of company. Siemens also provide you the chance to enter global high technology company because it operates jointly in many countries. There is also flexibility and diversification in the company. More than 500,000 employees work in industries of healthcare, transportation, telecommunication, power generation and electronics (success stories). Their organization structure is not flat; they have broad range of positions like human resource specialists, administrators, researchers, etc (creating…). There is good chance of making a career in company like Siemens. They also have some programs inside the company itself that renders employees the opportunities. Siemens have Human Resource Development Program which function is to identify and meet the needs of their workforce. The strategy helps worker to excel at work which is beneficial for the company and its employees. The most important part of program is that Siemens is “encouraging employees to improve their career and other aspects of life" (qtd in creating).Besides human resource development program, they also have Talent Management Philosophy. It makes sure that each employee...
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