Human Resource Management and Fsu Basketball

Topics: College basketball, Florida State Seminoles men's basketball, Atlantic Coast Conference Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Adam Adubato
Human Resource Management and FSU Basketball

When trying to build a strong organizational culture, planning and recruitment are two major aspects to building this culture successfully. Not only is this important to business organizations, but it is also important in collegiate sports. The Florida State Seminoles have had recent success in college basketball, and I decided to look into the profiles of some of the team’s top recruits under coach Hamilton. After closely studying the rosters of recent Florida State basketball teams, it is evident that Hamilton heavily recruits players at key positions who are great athletes and intense defenders. In the previous three seasons, the Seminoles have won 70 total games, third most in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The 70 wins in the last three seasons (2008-09 through 2010-2011) put the team right behind the basketball powerhouse programs of North Carolina and Duke. The Seminoles are currently 19-9, with a blowout win against North Carolina at home and a stunning upset victory over Duke in Cameron, snapping the Blue Devil's 45-game home win streak. Florida State's success has placed them in the last three NCAA tournaments, making the Sweet 16 in the 2010-2011 season. Furthermore, the team's record in the current year, combined with key victories against ranked teams, makes it likely for the Seminoles to make another run in the tournament. After looking at the key players on the roster in the current season, along with the previous three seasons, it is clear that there are significant similarities. Coach Hamilton preaches defensive intensity and looks to transition the team's strong defense into offense. In order to play the high intensity style Hamilton utilizes, he needs athletic guards and forwards who can cover the entire floor on defense and use their athleticism to their advantage on offense. The top recruits for the program in recent years fit this profile and it appears to be...
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