Human Resource Management and Business Strategy

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Human Resource Management and Business Strategy|


Human resource strategies of the group Sun City International have been identified and analysed for purposes of this report. While reviewing the different related literature this report attempts, through an analysis of external and internal factors, to examine how strategic management may help to deal with challenges and changes in a company, closely linked to the human resource department of the group. Finally, the impacts of all the possibilities and past activities are stated, and methods and recommendations are proposed for the Group in concluding this research.

Table of Contents

1.Introduction- 5 -
2.Aim and Objectives- 5 -
2.1 Objectives- 5 -
2.2 Aim- 5 -
3.Methodology- 6 -
4.Company Background- 6 -
5.Strategy Human Resource Management- 7 -
6.S.W.O.T. Analysis- 9 -
6.1 Strengths- 9 -
6.2 Weaknesses- 10 -
6.3 Opportunities- 10 -
6.4 Threats- 11 -
7.P.E.S.T.E.L. Analysis- 11 -
7.1 Political Factors- 12 -
7.2 Economical Factors- 12 -
7.3 Social Factors- 13 -
7.4 Technological Factors- 13 -
7.5 Environmental Factors- 14 -
7.6 Legal Factors- 14 -
8.Change Management and Impacts on Organization- 14 -
7.1 Structure- 15 -
7.2 Culture- 16 -
8.Human Resource Strategies- 16 -
8.1 Recruitment and selection- 16 -
8.2 Training- 17 -
8.3 Rewards- 17 -
9.Recommendations and Conclusion- 17 -
10. References- 19 -
11. Appendices- 21 -
11.1 Appendix 1: The Model of Strategic Human Resources Management- 21 -
11.2 Appendix 2: S.W.O.T. Analysis- 22 -
11.3 Appendix 3: Social Economic Development Of Sun International- 22 -
11.4 Appendix 4: Overall Energy Consumption by Sun International Group- 23 -
11.5 Appendix 5: S.H.R.M. of Sun International- 24 -


This report has been written in order to analyse and evaluate the extent of the strategic human resource management (SHRM) applied to the group Sun International. After mentioning the aim and objectives of the report, the author explains that the method of collection of secondary data only from relevant authors and sources writing on the strategic human resource management of Sun International has been used. Furthermore, after a full overview of the company background a S.W.O.T and P.E.S.T.E.L. analysis are carried out in order to spot the different areas of improvement concerning its SHRM. Future challenges have been assessed followed by recommending future development or potential solutions concerning recruitment or planning adapted to the theory of authors such as Mullin (2004) or Kotler and Amstrong (2010) in order to credit the company of a competitive advantage by implement a strategic human resource management. Finally a conclusion giving an overall view of the report and summarizing the findings of the research is used to conclude this paper. Aim and Objectives

2.1 Objectives
The objective of this report is to critically investigate if the SHRM techniques used by the group Sun International are correctly implemented internally or externally. The other purpose is to analyse if there are any place for improvements within those business strategy.

2.2 Aim
1) To critically review the theoretical literature written by different authors related to the human resources management strategies.

2) To identify and define the enterprise Sun International S.W.O.T and P.E.S.T.EL.

3) To investigate the current SHRM techniques adopted by Sun International.

4) To explore future coming challenges that the company will face and recommend possible solution by improving the SHRM.


The report is following the philosophical approach of pragmatism, allowing different views both objective and subjective meaning are adequate source of information. (Saunders et al. 2009). This philosophy guarantees objectivity and ability to work with...
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