Human Resource Management

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1.0 Introduction

The term human resource management (HRM) refers to the design and application of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals (Robert, L. M. & John, H. J., 2002). This system includes activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain an effective workforce. Managers have to play an active role in recruiting and selecting the right employees, developing effective training programs, or creating appropriate performance appraisal systems. Today, more than ever, strategic decisions are related to human resource consideration. In many companies, especially those that rely more on employee information, creativity, knowledge, and service, success depends on the ability to manage human capital (George, B., Scott, S., & Arthur, S., 2001). To build human capital, HRM develops strategies for finding the best talent, enhancing their skills and knowledge with training programs and opportunities for personal development. To be conclusion, I don’t approve of spending on the recruitment and selection of employees beyond their current level of job duties rather than spending a great deal of money on training. We should only do that we find the right people to do the right thing, to fit the culture, job description and job specification rather than beyond current level. Moreover we should concern both recruitment and selection of employees and training them, making a moderate balance for recruitment and training employees. In this essay, I will draw on real-life work situation and relevant HRM literature to illuminate my viewpoints.

2.0 Three primary goals of HRM

The three broad HRM activities outlined in Exhibit 1 as below are to find the right people, manage talent so people achieve their potential, and maintain the workforce over the long term, achieving these goals requires skills in planning, recruiting, training, all of those procedure affect the performance of the entire organization. Find the right people

HRM planning
Job analysis
Maintain an effective workforce
Wages and salary
Labor relations

Company strategy
Figure 1: strategic human resource management:

Manage talent

To effectively implement strategy of the cooperation, which the strategy focused on achieving certain goals, allocating the goals, it also includes some consistency, integration of decisions and actions (Robert, M. G., 2010 strategy). Some of the major dimensions are recruitment and selection of employees and furthering training them, those there aspects integrate as one aspect and at the aspect of procedure, selection and recruitment should precede training, all of them are consistency, integration and cohesiveness. Here are the reasons for why I express before.

3.0 The importance of recruiting and selecting employees

Today, recruiting is sometimes referred to as talent acquisition to reflect the importance of human factor in the organization’s success (Megan, S., 2005). Even when unemployment rates are high, companies often have trouble finding people with the skills the organization needs. A survey by manpower Inc. of 33000 employers in 23 countries found that 40 percent reported having difficulty finding and hiring the desired talent (Robert, E. P., 2006).

The next step for managers is to select desired employees from the pool of recruited applicants. In the selection process, employees assess applicants’ characteristics in an attempt to determine the “fit” between the job and applicant characteristics. For most companies using selection devices for assessing applicant qualifications. And On average, 33 percent of organizations’ HR budget is allocated specifically to recruitment a18 percent is allocated specifically to selection. Over the next two years,...
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