Human Resource Management

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  • Published : December 4, 2010
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Human Resources management is defined as the process of managing human talent to achieve an organization’s objectives. In this paper we will discuss the overall framework of Human Resources management and how it works in the workplace.

There are four competencies that a Human Resource Manager should possess on the job. These competencies are: business mastery, Human Resources mastery, change mastery, and personal credibility. The first competency is business mastery in which the Human Resources professional needs to thoroughly know the business of their organization. This would require that the human resources professional have a full understanding of the economic and financial capabilities so that they can become a key member in developing the organization’s strategic direction. The second competency is Human Resources mastery in which the human resource professional also has the duty of being the organization’s behavioral science experts. These professional should be able to develop expert knowledge in the areas of staffing, development, appraisals, rewards, team building, and communication. The third competency is change mastery in which the human resource professional must be able to manage the change processes so that the organization can effectively merge their human resources activities with their business needs. The fourth competency is personal credibility in which the professionals should establish a personal credibility with both internal and external customers. The professional must be able to demonstrate the organization’s values, stand up for his/her own beliefs, and be fair-minded when dealing with others to earn that credibility and trust. These four competencies are important for the human resources professional to possess in order to be looked at as a human resource manager. (Bohlander, George & Snell, Scott; pgs 33-34)

The only example I have for a change in my workplace, was when I was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in...
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