Human Resource Management

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  • Published : September 29, 2010
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Human Resource Management
Nick Fergelic
English Composition 122
Instructor Sarah MacDonald
August 20, 2010

To work in human resources is one of my goals in my career path. Human resources requires a lot of people skills and a vast knowledge on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, policies of the company, health insurance information, retirement accounts, as well as, disciplinary action. For most, this position would prove to be too stressful, but I believe I will strive in this career with my personal skills and attributes. In human resources there needs to be a lot of human resource planning involved. This includes, any organization which employs or intends to employ people, would benefit from planning its people requirements, whether deciding how many new employees it will need over a certain period of time, or how it will develop its current workforce. These should be key elements in any organizations plans. In simple terms, an organization wishing to maximize its human resource planning must attempt to determine how many people it needs now and in the future. Also, to determine what knowledge, skills and abilities are needed to ensure the organization can both survive and prosper. Another is to evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities of its existing employees. Most important is once you figure all of that out, then come up with a plan to fill in the gaps where needed. There are nine core theoretical assumptions of the learning paradigm, which is very important to the human resource field.
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