Human Resource Management

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Types of Interview3
Curriculum Vitae Based Interview3
Competency-based interviews4
Structured Job Interview5
Behavioral-Based Interview7
Task Oriented or Testing Interview8
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It is our nature to have friends since the dawn of time. People have their own way to be attracted to others. Some of them attracted to the nature of their looks and some of them prefer the personality of a person. Some of them are attracted by their brain and intelligence and some of them can be attracted to other people’s brawn. This is how most people attracted to other people in order for them to make their lives interesting and not to be bored by accompaniment by certain people that they do not like. To those who are perfectionist in finding their friends to match their exact specification, they do some informal interviews or small chat, per se. Interview is a part of selecting the right candidate for the right job. This is because choosing the right person for your job is one of the most crucial parts in driving your company to a better and a successful future. There are rights and wrongs in the interview method which could be work the other way around (the right way being wrong, the wrong method could be working for someone in their endeavours to find the right candidate). While some essence or elements of the interview nature are subject to debate, I for myself agree that interviews are the right and best way to choose the right person for the job and to know the person personally to make sure that he or she is fit enough for the task and to influence others in a positive way. In this thesis I will strengthen my points of being in the positive side of interviews with providing various examples of interviews and the advantage of each specific system. Examples are varied from Curriculum Vitae, competency-based interviews, structured job interview, test for specific skills and etcetera.

Types of Interview
Interview methods are the highly use method for most companies these days to obtain new workers. Not many people know that interviews are not limited in the headquarters of a company boundary, it also can be held at various places and locations to the interviewers’ discretion. The easy nature of the whole process also invites most companies to apply this approach as their main modus operandi in choosing the right candidate. According to Beardwell et al (2010, p.174), interview is ‘a controlled conversation with a purpose’. Interviews are divided into a lot of categories ranging from personal matters to skills and knowledge that they obtain and master from their previous alma mater and years of experience from working through different companies. Some interviews that are frequently use by companies are interviews following contents of Curriculum Vitae, competency-based interviews, structured job interview and test for specific skills (Beardwell et al, pg. 174, 2010)

Curriculum Vitae Based Interview
According to Beardwell et al (pg. 174, 2010) ‘Interviews following contents of Curriculum Vitae’ is basically an interview where the interviewer asking the interviewee according to his or her information stated in the Curriculum Vitae. This type of interview is the number one choice for most companies because it is a compulsory for every new candidate for interview to bring their curriculum vitae, hence it is easy for the interviewers to ask them according to their statement in the black and white. Although most people think it is easy to cheat the curriculum vitae, it is not because the company will check their information and find their sources through the right authorities (Mathis et al, pg. 145, 2008). During this type of interview, it is mandatory for every interviewee to bring their certificates regarding their information in the curriculum vitae. Therefore it is hard for them to lie during this...
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