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Topics: Software testing, Software engineering, Software quality Pages: 5 (859 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Software Quality Assurance

COURSE OUTLINE (Spring 2013)

Lecturer: Muhammad Shumail Qureshi


Objective of the Course

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a planned and systematic approach to ensure that software process and products conforms to the user requirements, established standards, and procedures. Timely, cost-effective and high-quality software can be achieved through effective Software Quality Control (SQC) and SQA practices applied throughout the development cycle. The objective of this course is to provide students with breadth and some depth of software quality assurance and to help them develop skills necessary for ensuring high quality software. On successful completion of this course, students will learn:

User requirements with respect to quality and how to incorporate them in the system

Documentation and execution of Quality Assurance Plan, Test Plan, Test Cases

Influence of SQA on entire software development lifecycle i.e., Understanding quality issues in RS and FS, design, coding, testing and pre/post release etc.

Effective procedures for conducting inspections, reviews and audits

Testing and non-testing defect removal techniques

Defects tracking and reporting

Monitor and control quality process in order to ensure that standards and procedures are followed

Configuration management etc.

Text Books and Reference Material

There is no single or two main titles that could be referred to as textbooks. I will be covering few books and articles to meet the objectives of this course. Being a graduate course you would be expected to read different texts and attend the classes on regular basis to understand the material being covered.

Text Books:
A Practitioner’s Approach to Software Engineering by R. Pressman Software Quality Assurance: Principles and Practice by Nina S. Godbole

Reference Books:
Quality Software Project Management (2002)by Robert Futrell, D Shafer and L. Shafer Customer-Oriented Software Quality Assurance by F. P. Ginac Managing Software Quality and Business RiskbyMartyn Ould

Inroads to Software Quality by A. Jarvis and V. Crandall
Software Inspection Process by Susan H. Strauss and Robert G. Ebenau Software Inspections: How to Cut Costs, by Ronald A. Radice Improve Quality and Shorten Time Cycles
of Software Projects
Handbook of Software Quality Assurance by G. G. Schulmeyer and J. I. McManus Software Runawaysby Robert L. Glass
Successful Software Developmentby Scott E. Donaldson, Stanley G. Siegel Estimating Software Costsby Capers Jones
Requirements Analysis and Specification by A. M. Davis
Software Assessments, Benchmarks & Best Practices by Capers Jones Software Configuration Management Strategies and byB. A. White Rational ClearCase
Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering by S. H. Kan Software Testing by Ron Patton
Managing the Software Processby Watts Humphery

Course Outline

|Topics | |Introduction to Software Quality Assurance | |The Meaning of Quality | |Defining Quality | |The Quality Challenge | |Why is quality important | |Definition and concept placement of Quality Control | |Quality Control v/s Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance at each Phase of SDLC, Quality | |Assurance in Software Support Projects, and The SQA function. | |Product Quality...
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