Human Resource Management

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Module: Human Resource Management

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Case Study
Super Employment Consultants
You are the Human Resource Manager of Harmony Pte Ltd, a large multinational company, specialising in the design and production of computer-related products. Your company’s business is world-wide. You are faced with some special staffing needs for a few departments in your organization. You know that the people you are looking for must be well-trained and are able to do the job immediately. So when you have difficulty in getting the staff, you frequently turn to temporary employment agencies for assistance. But the challenge you are facing now is a bit more complex.

The Marketing Department needs an administrative assistant who is fluent in Russian language for one of the marketing executives visiting from Russia. You also require a HR Officer who is well versed in Cambodia and Cambodian culture for the new branch office in Cambodia. This position is currently on contract basis with the intention of making it permanent in the future. And the Vice President in production is asking for your help as she’s preparing for a three-month attachment from a Korean client who doesn’t speak English. What do you do? You contact Debby Wan, founder of Super Employment Consultants, to ask for her help.

Super Employment Consultants is a temporary staffing agency in Singapore, providing multilingual temporary workers to organizations in Asia. Employing fifteen full-time individuals and more than five hundred part-time employees, the company places nearly seventy temporary employees daily as administrative assistants, company graphics specialists, word processing operators, and legal office support staff. Super Employment Consultants serves the needs of approximately eighty clients, including organizations such as Citibank, Jetstar, MacDonald’s and Resorts World. Super Employment Consultants offers their clients, as Debby Wan likes to put it: “cost-effective strategies while distinguishing and responding to the ever changing needs of each individual organization.”

For Debby Wan, her service is a wonderful help to her client organizations. She has helped them find staffs for peak periods or look for staffs that have those unique skills needed for special projects. Debby Wan has also assisted her clients in saving some HR related costs – such as those associated with recruiting. In return, she has distinguished her company as a leading multilingual temporary staffing agency in Singapore. The company generates several million dollars in annual revenues.

1. What would be the advantages and disadvantages for your company for using a Super Employment Consultants to help you look for staff? As a part of development a recruitment strategy, the employment consultant must determine the qualifications of the applicants, select recruitment sources and communication channels, determine how candidates will induced to join my company, the employment consultant who will interview the applicant who need to be selected and briefed. According to Milkovich and Boudreau (1996, p. 28), “There is very little...
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