Human Resource Management

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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7.Discuss the importance of Manpower planning and elaborate its objectives. Ans-Manpower Planning which is also called as Human Resource Planning consists of putting right number of people, right kind of people at the right place, right time, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of goals of the organization. Human Resource Planning has got an important place in the arena of industrialization. Human Resource Planning has to be a systems approach and is carried out in a set procedure. The procedure is as follows: 1.Analysing the current manpower inventory

2.Making future manpower forecasts
3.Developing employment programmes
4.Design training programmes
Steps in Manpower Planning
1.Analysing the current manpower inventory- Before a manager makes forecast of future manpower, the current manpower status has to be analysed. For this the following things have to be noted- •Type of organization

Number of departments
Number and quantity of such departments
Employees in these work units
Once these factors are registered by a manager, he goes for the future forecasting. Importance of Manpower Planning

1.Key to managerial functions- The four managerial functions, i.e., planning, organizing, directing and controlling are based upon the manpower. Human resources help in the implementation of all these managerial activities. Therefore, staffing becomes a key to all managerial functions. 2.Efficient utilization- Efficient management of personnels becomes an important function in the industrialization world of today. Seting of large scale enterprises require management of large scale manpower. It can be effectively done through staffing function. 3.Motivation- Staffing function not only includes putting right men on right job, but it also comprises of motivational programmes, i.e., incentive plans to be framed for further participation and employment of employees in a concern. Therefore, all types of incentive plans...
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