Human Resource Management

Topics: Human resource management, Recruitment, Management Pages: 6 (1895 words) Published: December 31, 2012
HR Managers
And the problems which they face regarding recruitment and selection


An overview3
(Abstract, Background) Recruitment and Selection 4
(Findings, Definition, Different problems associated with the Process and references from different online
Journals and books)
Technological changes in recruitment 5
And selection process
(The impact of new technology on the process of
Recruitment and selection)
References 8 Performance table 9

1. Abstract
Today’s organisation faces a range of people management challenges. I will critically examine the challenges and choices HR managers now face in regard to managing, recruitment and selection. The main idea of the essay is to focus on different problems and its solution which HR managers face with regard to recruitment and selection. By analysing all aspects of recruitment and selection we come to conclusion that different kinds of problems associated with these process and they are some how different in every firm and if the recruitment and selection process is more intensive so we will have efficiency and productivity and more satisfied employees. 2. Background

As today’s organisation and its HR mangers face with the problems of new era of work and many technological advances has added to these problems and HR managers are trying to handle the human resources in organisations. The recruitment and selection process has become more complicated and HR managers are obliged to select a suitable person with high skills to the specific job so it’s very important to have information about the current challenges and problems of recruitment and selection. I am going to find most recent problems which HR managers’ faces with the area of recruitment and selection and how HR managers cope with these problems and what are causes of these problems. In this paper I would refer to different challenges of recruitment and selection in a firm and what is the role of HR mangers in this regard and how they can provide solutions to these problems and what is the impact of IT and technology on recruitment and selection.

3. Findings
3.1 This essay is about the challenges and choices HR mangers now face with regard to managing recruitment and selection. How they can handle the recruitment and selection process effectively and what are the challenges which the face in different situation of recruitment and selection. 3.2 These problems are not new but the increasing rate of trade, globalisation and new technology has added to these problems. In addition, outsourcing of work brought many new challenges of recruitment and selection to HR mangers and they should hire those people who are familiar with new technology and has updated information. 3.3 I would focus on different kinds of problems and challenges which HR managers face in regard to recruitment and selection and whether these problems are different according to different locations or not and what is the impact of new technology on recruitment and selection and I will try to find the ways to solve these problems and what are the essential steps for recruitment and selection of new employees. 3.4

First of all we should know what is Recruitment and selection. Recruitment and selection:
‘… Generating a pool of candidates by reaching the right audience, suitable to fill the vacancy’ (Leopold, 2002). The recruitment process is concerned with which kind of person should be selected to the specific job and recruitment is mainly based on job analysis, job description and person specification. The selection process can be defined as, the process of choosing from the...
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