Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh: A Comparative Case Study based on public and private dairy firm in Bangladesh.

Subject: Human Resource Management
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M. Khasro Miah, Ph.D.
Associate professor, North South University

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Faisal Nasir Khan ID#102- 0576-060
Raquib Mahmud ID#102- 0708-560
Mahmudul Alam Chowdhury ID#102- 0919-060

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to our course instructor Dr. M. Khasro Miah ( Associate Professor, North South University) for giving us the opportunity to make this project. To be honest, we were little bit bogged before starting this project. Class lectures helped us to get rid of this problem. So, we are indebted to our course teacher Dr. M. Khasro Miah for his outstanding class lectures which made this work much easier. Our honorable sir also made the class more interesting introducing different kinds of discussion regarding to various issues which cover HRM. That’s why a major part credit goes to him. Also thanks to Milk Vita’s Assistant Manager (procurement) Kanti Mondal for helping us providing information related to human resource management of dairy farm. Thanks to Almighty for giving us potential to bring this Project into reality.


Human Resource management has several sections to explore. In this Human Resource Management Course (BUS-601), we have been given the topic based on Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh: A Comparative Case Study based on public and private dairy firm in Bangladesh. To conduct the project, we have selected three dairy farms. Among one is state owned named as Milk Vita. Others are private dairy farms named as Aarong dairy farm and Aftab dairy farm. We focused to reveal the Human Resource practices in respective farms. Effectiveness and efficiency of Human Resource system is also pointed out in this paper. Providing the introduction regarding to dairy farms, we started our project. Then we showed the present scenarios of dairy production all over the Bangladesh. After that, limelight is given on the Human resource practices in Bangladesh. It includes recruitment and selection (R&S), training, promotion, employee compensation, performance appraisal, transfer and posting, grievances, diversity management, employee testing & selection, establishing strategic pay plans etc. We introduced the dairy farms giving the very basic introduction about them. We also plotted the difference between the practice of Human resource system in Bangladeshi dairy farms and those existing outside. For Bangladeshi dairy farms, we have developed a research based questionnaire which contains some questions about the qualification, educations, skills of the employees etc. Taking the help from internet we plotted the present status of Human Resource practices in the dairy farms outside Bangladesh. We also took interview of officer level personnel working inside the dairy farm. Over phone we took interview of private dairy farms personnel. We developed a questionnaire which was objective type. It focuses the employee status of the respective farms. These include salary and motivation factors, training and developments, employee commitment, and employee satisfaction etc. Surprisingly, we found that most of private dairy farms HR department is busy in providing only recruitment and selection service. The state owned dairy farm Milk Vita does not have any Human Resource department. Their selection procedure is done by the higher officials of the organization. The worker level recruitment is done here mostly by references without any formal and structured interview. Our findings found that recruitment in state-owned Milk Vita does not have transparency at all. The turnover rate of officer level is almost zero because of having very relaxed and securitized job. Finally, we have proposed a Human Resource model for the concerned...
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