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Topics: Personality psychology, Test, Psychometrics Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 19, 2013
.Suppose you are the HR assistant. What selection tests will you use? Explain precisely which you will use to test which criteria. Explain your choices. Answer: There are dozens of tests on the market today, and they measure literally hundreds of attributes, from basic personality traits, such as honesty and aggressiveness, to specific sales skills, such as prospecting and up selling. A number of tests can be used like Aptitude tests, Personality tests, Assessment centre, motivation tests, interview, Job skills tests, Pre-employment integrity tests, and Management tests. Aptitude Tests:

 Tests of physical ability: It is used to check whether the candidate is able to do the physical activities that the job requires. Mental ability tests: Tests of literacy ,numeracy and intelligence. I will use to check whether the candidate will be able to monitor pricing strategies, implement &control marketing strategies etc. Personality Tests:

 The use of personality tests in selection comes from the assumption that certain jobs re quire certain personalities and those tests can identify them. The most common form of personality test is questionnaires designed to rate respondents on various personality dimensions. The individual is rated for being persuasive, socially confident, competitive, decisive, introspective, artistic, conceptual, traditional ,independent, extravert, stable, optimistic, and so on. Assessment centre :

 This is a process, rather than a place, that uses a number of selection techniques in combination. Tests can be very useful in the selection process as they actually replicate certain parts of the job, whereas a selection interview can only indicate whether the person has that ability. However, most tests are time-consuming to administer and can be used indiscriminately. Individual and group exercises take place, sometimes over a few days, often including an interview, psychometric test and group discussion. Tasks, written exercises...
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