Human Resource Is the Most Important Asset in an Organisation

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Human resource is defined as the employees in the organisation, and in an article by Harting(2008), he mentioned that “Any organization will go only as far as the people who are driving it”. This statement explains that the employees are the determining factor of how far an organisation can go and as such, it is vital for any organisation to invest in its own people so that they can contribute more in return.

In every organisation, the main workforce are its people and without them, the organisation would not be able to conduct daily business transactions let alone move it forward. After all, people get things done as they are always the final decision makers. People are also highly adaptable to change especially when put in a difficult situation that may require them to use their superior skills or knowledge to deal with the problem. Besides dealing with problems, people also can initiate and generate new ideas which can be of good use to the organisation such as cost savings ideas, better working environment suggestions or even ideas that can propel the organisation forward.

Most people in this world have to work for a living and they will always be looking for organisations that pay better and provide better benefits for their employees. Being better paid when comparing with their peers, people tend to be more motivated to work harder for themselves and the organisation so that they can provide better for their family. Motivated employees tend to show better quality of work and they deal with difficult situations better than employees who drag their feet to work. Financial benefits may work for most people but not all employees can be bought. Some employees prefer to work in organisations which assures job security than having a highly paid job as being paid well may mean more competition in that position and thus leading to a more stressful working environment.

In 2011, Google,...
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