Human Resource Development & Job Satisfaction

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Human Resource Development
& Job Satisfaction

Human Resource Development and Job Satisfaction
Opportunities for training and development are paramount in decisions regarding employee career choices. It is important that those in the human resource development (HRD) look at how their work affects those who they provide service. HRD is a field that focuses on training, career development and organizational development with the goal of improving processes and enhancing the learning and performance of individuals, organizations, communities and society (Judge and Saari, 2008).

To accomplish this task, HRD practitioners must look at how training and development programs affect those employees who participate in them. They must be aware of how employees who participate in them perceive the information presented. They must be aware of how employees feel about the training and programs offered to them, and they must understand the components that make up job training satisfaction from the employee standpoint. Employees use the trainings as a framework to base the company upon.

Job satisfaction is a major factor in decisions regarding people’s careers; however it is naïve to assume that people work primarily to achieve professional fulfillment and job satisfaction (Caruso, 2011). In fact, they seem to work because what they get on the job enables them to achieve whatever they want to achieve off the job. On the job, they must produce, which sometimes equals no enjoyment. Every person has different reasons for working. The reasons for working are as individual as the person. But, we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. The something obtained from work impacts morale, employee motivation, and the quality of life. To create positive employee motivation, treat employees as if they matter - because employees matter (Judge and Saari, 2008). These ideas will help you fulfill what people want from work and create employee motivation....
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